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Whenever i try to send a mail from my website for email verification, the same is being received in a spam folder. I noticed that plain messages are being received in inbox, but whenever i try to include an ordinary http link[], the mail goes to the spam folder. Cant point out the reason why this is happening. Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks All

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From experience, I know that the spam score can be affected when hyperlinks have an alphanumeric argument tagged onto the end. I suggest trying to reformat the URL into something like;

and extracting the reference using a Regex or Split()

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Thanks for the solution. But i had to reduce the length of alphanumeric key from 32 to 16 characters. Now it works like charm :) – sajith Oct 19 '12 at 14:07
You really saved my life. I Was searching for this for more than 48 hrs. nice, clever and simple way. Thanks mate, +1. – Vedant Terkar Nov 20 '14 at 13:10
  • Is your outgoing mail server configured to receive mail?
  • Are you using a proper mail server with proper setup at all or some bulk-mail-sending dud?
  • Are your mails sent with a real from address? And I don't mean the header-from that you can add in your software, but the protocol-from that is being used by sendmail
  • Do you have domain keys/dkim set up for your mail server?
  • Is the header OR the protocol from address from a different domain? Do they have set up domain keys allowing your mailserver?
  • Does your mail server feature the same domain name on the reverse lookup?
  • Does your mail server offer to receive mail for the user they are sending for?
  • Is your webhost using a smart relay? Do they rewrite the from: address?
  • Or do you send mails with internal mail address from?
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