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I am facing below issue in a jqgrid that has pagination: Consider my resultset has 12 records and my Display Records dropdown has options 10,20 to select for the number of records to be shown at a time.

step1 - when I load the grid for the first time, Display Records has value 20 and I can see 12 records in the grid. step2 - Now I select 10 from the Display Records; the grid refreshes and i can see 10 records. Selected page is 1 of 2. *step3 - * Go to second page of this resulteset; the grid refreshes and i can see 2 records. Selected page is 2 of 2 *Step4 * Now I change the value of Display Records to 20; the grid refreshes and I can see no rows in the grid.

This is happening because when I change the value of Display Records, the page number should be passed as 1 always, but it is being incorrectly passed as current value and hence my SP is returning incorrect result. Any solutions?

I am using jqgrid version 3.5.2

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I can't reproduce the issue with latest version of jqGrid - can you consider upgrade? –  tpeczek Oct 19 '12 at 13:31
I tried upgrading to 3.6 but couldn't redo some of the customizations that I am having in plugin code. –  Pawan Oct 20 '12 at 11:36
I see that you have to update to jqGrid 4.4.1 (not to other very old version 3.6). The version 3.5.2 is really very very old. It's like the usage of non-digital photos now. Probably many customization which you use are already in the box in the current version of jqGrid. –  Oleg Oct 20 '12 at 12:13
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