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in the following script (For Ruby >= 1.9) I'm just trying to print strings to the screen versus the symbol given in the command line.

Here is my attempt (SymbolsFromArgv.rb)

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

def switch_sybol(symbol)
    case symbol
        when :add
            "Addition !"
        when :mul
            "Multiplication !"
            "Unkown symbol #{symbol} !"

puts switch_sybol( :add )
puts switch_sybol( :mul )
puts switch_sybol( *(ARGV.collect {|elem| elem.to_sym}) )

But, when I launch with :

$ ./SymbolsFromArgv.rb :mul

I get the following result :

Addition !
Multiplication !
Unkown symbol :mul !

So, why I didn't get "Multiplication !" for the last result ?

Thanks in advance.

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":mul".to_sym is not :mul

=> :":mul"

You need to pass just mul

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Shell arguments are interpreted as strings. So you should $ ./SymbolsFromArgv.rb mul, otherwise it will be the same as doing

=> :":mul"
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