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We are using PowerShell, and I have an ISO image that I want to write to a USB device.

In Unix using "dd" is very easy, and I've tried with third-party windows "rawrite.exe" but with mixed results.

Is there a way to do so using PowerShell internals only? Any cmdlet extension to do so?

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To confirm your question, you have an ISO file. You want powershell to extract that ISO to USB (i.e. as if burning the image to a CD/DVD, rather than just a file copy)? FYI I've found a cmdlet which does the inverse of this (i.e. creating an ISO), so suspect the same library contains what you're after. Sadly the links are down at the moment so I can't investigate further. start-automating.com –  JohnLBevan Oct 19 '12 at 13:15

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If nothing already exists you could roll your own.

Here's a couple of starting points (c#):

Alternatively 7zip allows you to extract iso files, so you could call that (or similar) via its command-line interface (by script) to achieve your purpose?

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