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I have the below lines in one of the stasm examples make file. But it looks like these options are for VC++. I want to compile the same in g++ ( mingw ) compiler. So what are the equivalent flags in g++ which are equivalent to the below mentioned compiler flags.

Please provide me any links or your valuable suggestions. Thanks..

cl -nologo -O2 -W3 -MT -EHsc -DWIN32 stasm_opencv_example.cpp -I%OPENCV_HOME%\include\opencv %OPENCV_HOME%\lib\cv210.lib %OPENCV_HOME%\lib\cxcore210.lib %OPENCV_HOME%\lib\highgui210.lib ..\data\stasm_dll.lib

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would be helpful you you gave an explanation of the flags you use in VC++, which one are important, etc. –  remi Oct 19 '12 at 13:19

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I don't know MINGW, but I do use -on Linux- (and contribute to) GCC so you might try

 g++ -O3 -Wall -DWIN32 -I$OPENCV_HOME/include/opencv \
    -L$OPENCV_HOME/lib -lcv210 -lcxcore201 -lhighgui20 ../data/stasm_dll.lib
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Thanks for you answer.. –  2vision2 Oct 19 '12 at 13:58

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