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I am working on a struts project. I have some UI requirements. I have a table - details info of items. In which 1 column can have 3 values. I want to make this column interactive such that by clicking data in this column in any rows, a windows or tray-like thing appear which should have some set of values to select.

I wonder if this could be done by Spinner or Select at a particular row. But I want something more interactive.

If anyone has any suggestions on how this could be done : Maybe by Jquery, Ajax or JavaScript.

In short, I want some window/platform (something like thought-bubbles in cartoons) which should hold some elements which can call some actions. And this has to appear when a element is clicked.

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Did you search online first? Try looking for "interactive jquery tooltip". Here's one example. –  Kraz Oct 19 '12 at 15:14

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