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I am building many textboxes programmatically in my ASP.NET page, after I've clicked a button, I would like to process those values, is there any possibility to retrieve them from their ID in ViewState ?

Here is my code :

Reference of the table in the aspx :

<asp:Table ID="Distances" runat="server" ViewStateMode="Inherit"></asp:Table>

Then in code behind after creating all the rows and cells, I add a textbox into some of them :

Distances.Rows[j].Cells[i].Controls.Add(CreateTB(distance.ToString(), (i + j * rows).ToString(), false));

    protected TextBox CreateTB(string text, string id, bool ebanled = true)
        TextBox tb = new TextBox() { Text = text, ID = id, Enabled = ebanled};
        tb.TextChanged += new EventHandler(OnTBChanged);
        return tb;
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ViewState is enabled by default, so it should already work that the Text property is persisted across postbacks.

So you could for example use FindControl("TextBoxID") or enumerate them to get the refernce to the TextBox (assuming that they are added to a container-control like Panel):

foreach(TextBox txt in MyPanel.Controls.OfType<TextBox>())
    String text = txt.Text;


TextBox txt = (TextBox)MyPanel.FindControl("TextBox1")
String text = txt.Text;

I assume you're not recreating those TextBoxes on postbacks. Therefore you need to use the same ID as before and recreate them in Page_Load at the latest stage in page's life-cycle. So you can create them in an event, but you cannot recreate them there.

You should show your code where you create them dynamically, then i could be more specific.


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I've just done it : my problem is that my table rows are lost during the operation, therefore I don't know where my textboxes are ;) –  TD Lemon Oct 19 '12 at 14:35

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