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I often encounter situations in editing text or code where I want to insert a rectangle of spaces to align things, but I don't know exactly the number of spaces to insert.

For example, consider the following (very much contrived) snippet:

void *var = (void *)typedVar;
void *otherVar = voidStarOtherVar;
int intVar = x*y;
int intVar2 = y*z;

In default C-mode, M-x align results in this, which is better:

void *var      = (void *)typedVar;
void *otherVar = voidStarOtherVar;
int   intVar   = x*y;
int   intVar2  = y*z;

However, suppose my desired alignment (for some reason) is this:

void *var      = (void *)typedVar;
void *otherVar =         voidStarOtherVar;
int   intVar   =         x*y;
int   intVar2  =         y*z;

The only way I know to do that is with M-x string-rectangle on the bottom three lines, and type in the exact number of spaces.

However, I don't want to count the number of characters in (void *) before typing in the spaces, thus it would be nice to have an "interactive" rectangle string insert. For example, I type a space in this interactive mode, and I see it reflected immediately in the text. I enter another space, and it is inserted. In this way I can interactively align the text to my desired position.

Is there a built-in way to accomplish this? Or, failing that, can I create this functionality somehow?

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Or you could advice align. –  Reactormonk Oct 19 '12 at 14:03

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Open rectangle may be useful for your example:

C-x r o' Insert blank space to fill the space of the region-rectangle (open-rectangle'). This pushes the previous contents of the region-rectangle to the right.

So you mark the desired rectangle, and this function will push content to the right of the rectangle.

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This is great! Thanks. One followup question: is there such a thing as a rectangular mark? For example, if I want to select a rectangle but there isn't enough text to move to the right to the desired column. Hopefully that makes sense. –  proc-self-maps Oct 20 '12 at 20:54
@proc-self-maps Any of the two solutions I presented does what you call "rectangular mark", I'm not sure if multiple-cursors will do it as well. They also each have immediate feedback of space insertion. –  event_jr Oct 21 '12 at 0:08

Yes. The built-in mode is cua-selection-mode.

Here is a video of cua-mode working. cua-selection-mode activates just the rectangular selection aspect of it.

You can also get this functionality with iedit, but that's an external package. Its main purpose is editing mirrors.

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Another alternative to those already presented is multiple-cursors on github, which is highly interactive and quite fun. There's a sublime Emacs Rocks! episode covering it on YouTube.

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