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In my application I have to redefine a macro. I did like this.


#undef kMacro
#define kMacro @"New Value"


It is working fine within this function. When I put NSLog inside this function, I get "New Value". But however I can't get this new value outside this function or in other classes. (I am getting the Old Value). Is it possible to redefine a macro as global?

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When you redefine a macro in a file it is valid only for that file because all files are treated as separate compilation units.

To have it work in other classes you need to put in a header file and #import it in all the files you want to use it.

Better still, don't use macros and use proper C:

const NSString* kMyString = @"New Value";

and then you can access it as a normal external variable in other .m files.

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The declaration should be NSString * const kMyString, which is a read-only pointer to NSString, rather than a (re-assignable) pointer to a (redundantly) read-only NSString. See… – Josh Caswell Oct 19 '12 at 18:49

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