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I'm a novice developer for WP. I have some problems with parsing json data. I take it from the server and parse with JSON.Net.

Example of JSON data

           {"status":"offline", "name": "Test Name",

The first chield of "response" varies with each request to the server. How I can extract value of "name" field ?! Thank you in advance for your reply.

I try that in Page.xaml.cs

var o = JObject.Parse(result);
        var id = o["response"].First;
        ServerList.ItemsSource = id;

and in Page.xaml

<ScrollViewer Foreground="White">
                        <ListBox Margin="0,0,-12,0" Name="ServerList" Height="508" Width="415">
                                    <StackPanel Margin="0,0,0,20" Width="300">
                                        <TextBlock Text="{Binding Path=name}" />

I did it by example.

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Are you getting any error by using this code? this may help –  Mohan Oct 19 '12 at 15:32
I do not get anything in Listbox...and by using this code i'm getting var id ={"ad6a95dd8f90fad7e281994cb5a8cacd": {"status":"offline", "name": "Test Name", "id":"ad6a95dd8f90fad7e281994cb5a8cacd"} instead this {"status":"offline", "name": "Test Name", "id":"ad6a95dd8f90fad7e281994cb5a8cacd"} –  Alexander Korolev Oct 19 '12 at 15:54
What exactly do you want to do? SHow the name attribute? Using a ListBox is an overkill. Or do you want to show all the attribute values? If so, you need to to bind an IEnumerable. –  Igor Kulman Oct 19 '12 at 17:15

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To get the name value from that Json I did this:

var o = JObject.Parse(result);
var id = o["response"].First.First["name"];
string name = id.Value<string>();

If you are actually trying to do this operation over an array of responses such as this:

                {"status":"offline", "name": "Test Name","id":"ad6a95dd8f90fad7e281994cb5a8cacd"} },"success":true },
                {"status":"offline", "name": "Test Name2","id":"ad6a95dd8f90fad7e281994cb5a8cacd"} }, "success":true }

Then your code would need to look something like:

var o = JObject.Parse(result);
var ids = from c in o["responses"].Children() select c["response"].First.First;
var names = ids.Select(t => t.SelectToken("name").Value<string>());
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