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I am currently having an issue with IE8/7 (I do not have a choice, I have to add support for these before anyone moans) where IFrames with youtube videos are causing an issue with adding extra URLs into the history so when hitting back I am having to do it 2-3 times before actually getting to go back, my current solution seems to work in newer browsers but not the two I am having an issue with, current solution is:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
    $("iframe").each(function () {
        var ifr_source = $(this).attr('src');
        if (ifr_source.indexOf("youtube") != -1) {
            var parent = $(this).parent();
            var ifr = $(this).detach();
            var wmode = "wmode=transparent";
            if (ifr_source.indexOf('?') != -1) {
                var getQString = ifr_source.split('?');
                var oldString = getQString[1];
                var newString = getQString[0];
                $(this).attr('src', newString + '?' + wmode + '&' + oldString);
            else $(this).attr('src', ifr_source + '?' + wmode);

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Every time you change the iFrame's src attribute, the iFrame regirsters a new entry in the window's history.

There is a way to prevent this. Instead of using .attr('src'... use:

$("iframe").each(function () {
    this.location.replace('your new url');

Hope this helps!

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This doesn't really help because the URL will change everytime as it's an issue on a products, thank you for the answer. –  Hello World Oct 19 '12 at 14:31
This works, but you need to get the window of the frame, not just the frame itself. Use this.conentWindow || this.documentWindow, then call location.replace() on that. –  Chaulky Jul 31 at 19:47
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just answering my own question here...

Simply adding this into the mix

                var frame.src = 'javascript:parent.getFrameHTML()'

Has resolved the issue!

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