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I am using mongoexport to export some data into .json formatted file, however the document has a large size overhead introduced by _id:IDVALUE tuples.

I found a similar post Is there a way to retrieve data from MongoDB without the _id field? on how to omit the _id field when retrieving data from mongo, but not exporting. It is suggested to use: .Exclude("_id"). I tried to reqrite the --query parameter of mongoexport to somehow include the .Exclude("_id") parameter, but all of the attempts failed so far.

Please suggest what is the proper way of doing this, or should I revert to using some post-export techniques?


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There appears to be no way to exclude a field (such as _id) using mongoexport.

Here's an alternative that has worked for me on moderate sized databases:

mongo myserver/mydb --quiet --eval "db.mycoll.find({}, {_id:0}).forEach(printjson);" > out.txt

On a large database (many millions of records) it can take a while and running this will affect other operations people try to do on the system:

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I applied quux00's solution but forEach(printjson) prints MongoDB Extended JSON notation in the output (for instance "last_update" : NumberLong("1384715001000").

It will be better to use the following line instead:

db.mycoll.find({}, {_id:0}).forEach(function (doc) {

    print( JSON.stringify(doc) );
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The simplest way to exclude the sub-document information such as the "_id" is to export it as a csv, then use a tool to convert the csv into json.

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mongoexport doesn't seem to have such option.

With ramda-cli stripping the _id would look like:

mongoexport --db mydb --collection mycoll -f name,age | R 'omit ["_id"]'
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I know you specified you wanted to export in JSON but if you could substitute CSV data the native mongo export will work, and will be a lot faster than the above solutions

mongoexport -db <dbName> --collection <collectionName> --csv --fields "<fieldOne>,<fieldTwo>,<fieldThree>" > mongoex.csv
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Have you tried specifying your fields with the --fields flag? All fields that are not mentioned are excluded from the export.

For maintainability you can also write your fields into a seperate file and use --fieldFile.

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Yes, I did so from the very beginning, and was surprised to find the _id field in the exported file. I just double checked that, and the _id field is indeed exported. –  Nik Oct 21 '12 at 18:22
I just iterated and removed items with "_id" key. –  Nik Oct 21 '12 at 19:40

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