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How to read parameter passed from page, using C#?

I want to display profile contents on a ASP.NET web page based on the user id which is displayed at the end of a the URL, as in a facebook page.

I want to be able to derive the id from the URL just so I can search the database to match the Id.

If someone could help me derive the Id which is the last bit of the URL, I could convert that to a string and do the rest. Help on this is much appreciated.

Thank You

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This will depend on how you're programming and the structure of your URL.

Example; If the URL is something similar to you can read the querystring by doing the following.

strID = Request.QueryString("ID");

In this instance the value of strID would be 1.

Are you using URL rewrite modules or simple Web Forms?

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If you want to retrieve the name of the current page try:

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My addition to the already solution:

 string url = HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.AbsoluteUri;

This code will give you the URL but storing UserId and sensitive data in url is not good practice. My Advice will be to use Encoding techniques with query string.

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