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I'm looking for a solution to display minutes:seconds duration from 1785.16 string android device

In php its simple:

$seconds = '1785.16';
$minutes = floor($seconds/60);
$secondsleft = $seconds%60;
$minutes = "0" . $minutes;
 $secondsleft = "0" . $secondsleft;
echo "$minutes:$secondsleft";

This will display: 29:45
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Do you simply look for a way to calculate minutes:seconds or do you want to create a fully functional app which measures the time? –  nkr Oct 19 '12 at 14:32

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So, I assume you have a String seconds = "1785.16". Then you can do like this:

String seconds = "1785.16";
int sec = (int)Float.parseFloat(seconds);
System.out.format("%02d:%02d", sec / 60, sec % 60);
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Another approach is like this :

float seconds = Float.parseFloat("1785.16");
Date date = new Date((long)(seconds * 1000));
SimpleDateFormat formater = new SimpleDateFormat("mm:ss");
String formatedDate = formater.format(date);
android.util.Log.d("This will display:", formatedDate);

It's more object friendly ^^ And you can change the format easily !

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