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When I try to create a new class in Eclipse using the CDT plugin I enter in the name of the class. For example MyClass. This generates the default file names MyClass.h and MyClass.cpp. I want to change the default file naming to be of the form my_class.h and my_class.cc. Can this modification be made and if so can it be done from within Eclipse? Does this setting reside in a configuration file?

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I'm interested as well! –  fulmicoton Feb 24 '10 at 21:00

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This feature currently doesn't exist in Eclipse Helios (3.6) CDT. I found a request for the feature in the Eclipse Bugzilla, but it was requested back in 2006, has had very little activity, and isn't even currently assigned to anyone. Sadly, I don't think customization of C++ class filenames isgoing to be added to Eclipse anytime soon.

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