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this is my javascript code

Description += "<br><span class='descr'>Coordinate:</span> <span class='cont'><a href=\"" + mapsLink + "\" onclick=\"'" + mapsLink + "')\">" + picRecords[index].getCoords() + "</span></a>";


var mapsLink = "" + picRecords[index].getLatitude() + "," + picRecords[index].getLongitude();

I would like that if a point (getLatitude,getLongitude) has street view open, another link on onClick.

Must I use some Google Maps API for this? which ?

thanks for the reply!

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please explain this line better I cannot get what you want "I would like that if a point (getLatitude,getLongitude) has street view open, another link on onClick." – Cristiano Fontes Oct 19 '12 at 14:53
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Yes you would have to use the Google Maps API for this

The getPanoramaByLocation() function will tell you if there is a nearby panorama.

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perfect! thank you – user1759646 Oct 19 '12 at 15:15

What barryhunter says. Here's how I do it. I have an empty div that's already visible for the streetmap to go into. Then I hide the div if the streetmap isn't available:

function createStreetMap(strMapCanvasID, intLat, intLong) {
    var streetViewLocation = new google.maps.LatLng(intLat, intLong);
    var panorama;
    var sv = new google.maps.StreetViewService();
    sv.getPanoramaByLocation(streetViewLocation, 50, function (data, status) {
        if (status == 'OK') {
            var panoramaOptions = {
                pano: data.location.pano,
                addressControl: false,
                navigationControl: true,
                navigationControlOptions: {
                    style: google.maps.NavigationControlStyle.SMALL
            var panorama = new google.maps.StreetViewPanorama(document.getElementById(strMapCanvasID), panoramaOptions);
        } else {
            $('#' + strMapCanvasID).parent().hide();
    return panorama;

Then I do:

$(document).ready(function() {
    var myPano = createStreetMap('streetView', 41.3884810185, 2.13370800018);
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