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Im new to Watin. How do I find a textfield by name in deep down in iframes and tables without knowing about the names and I dont even know how many frames it is.



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Iterate through the frames by referencing the Frames property of your browser object, searching each resultant frame for the textbox you're looking for.


You'll need to find the right frame by source or iterate through them or whatever. Each frame is seen as its own distinct container of controls; the below code shows this.
Using: IE9, Win7, Watin2.1, NUnit 2.5

Example code

IE browser = new IE();
Console.WriteLine("exists base: " + browser.Link(Find.ByText("Slick City")).Exists);
Console.WriteLine("in iframe: " + browser.Frame(Find.BySrc("lyrics/455Rocket.html")).Link(Find.ByText("Slick City")).Exists);


exists base: False
in iframe: True
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Ok so there is no way to access the entire html code directly and just search find.byyxxx? The element I'm looking for is deep down by iframes and tables and the amount of iframes and tables can change often. – Niclas Oct 21 '12 at 9:49
See additional info added to my above answer. – OCary Oct 22 '12 at 17:22

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