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What's the difference between app access token and user access token?

I noticed that userData from FB is different, but I can make OpenGraph action and post on user wall or send to friends wall.

Can I use app access token in OpenGraph action?

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App access_token allows you to make request to the Facebook API on behalf of an App rather than a User. This is useful, for example to:

  • modify the parameters of your App
  • create and manage test users
  • read your application's insights
  • publish content to Facebook on behalf of a user who has granted a publishing permission to your application

Now in the Open Graph area:

If your app publishes on behalf of its users and requires an access token with no expiration time, you should use an App Access Token. An App Access Token is signed using your app secret and will not expire; it will be invalidated if you re-key/reset your application secret.

App Access Tokens should only be used when the posting functions are originated directly from your servers in order to keep them private to the app.
App Access Tokens are especially useful when publishing instances of “secure Open Graph actions”, Open Graph actions that should only be published by your app, such as achievements and game scores. In this specific example, a user is prevented from gaming his/her score by publishing fake scores/achievements using a user access token.

Please read the following documents:

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