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I have a cell that is named DATA_FIELD_NAME and I would like to use it in the following way:

Private Sub LockCells(iNumberOfDataColumns As Long)
  ActiveSheet.Cells.Locked = False
  ActiveSheet.Range("DATA_FIELD_NAME:DATA_FIELD_NAME+iNumberOfDataColumns").Locked = True
  ActiveSheet.Protect Contents:=True
End Sub

Essentially I would like to lock the range of cells starting from the DATA_FIELD_NAME cell horizontally to DATA_FIELD_NAME + n.

However this doesn't work. Could someone please tell me the correct syntax or an alternate method?

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I'd try this:

ActiveSheet.Range("DATA_FIELD_NAME").Resize(1, iNumberOfDataColumns).Locked = True

Here is a reference on Range.Resize Basically it changes the amount of cells you are dealing with based upon the current range. In what I gave you, it changes to 1 row, and iNumberOfDataColumns columns.

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This worked perfectly..would you please explain why it works and how Resize works? Thanks! –  czchlong Oct 19 '12 at 15:34
Added a reference and a brief explanation. –  Daniel Cook Oct 19 '12 at 15:42

I just wrote this in SO, not tested in XL, so it might contain typos, but this should work:

With ActiveSheet
   Range(.Range("DATA_FIELD_NAME"), .Range("DATA_FIELD_NAME").Offset(0,iNumberOfDataColumns)
End With

The idea is to combine Offset(rows, cols) with to use the Range(range1, range2) syntax.
Alternatively, you could be a dynamic range name as explained here.

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+1 for a valid alternative. Also, your link is interesting. –  Daniel Cook Oct 19 '12 at 15:43

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