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I have website on external server and local linux machine. I prefer working on local version, because it is faster.

After adding new modules, and changing DB content (for example adding node) I wish to upload these changes to external server.

But how to not loose DB changes (and site/files) added by real time users ?

I'm using drush rsync and sql-sync.

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Use Features module to create new exportable features for the external website and they will show as modules. For example you can create a feature which contains a new content type and a view. You can also export roles, fields etc.

Use Strongarm module to export system variables and settings. You can export nodes and taxonomy terms by integrating them with features module with UUID Features module or Default content module.

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So, as I understand the Feature is a piece of data from DB exported to new module file. So instead of synchronizing DB between two hosts, on local host after I build new content (something which change DB tables and files) I export it to file being ordinary module. Then I install that module on server site. BTW I hope that documentation to FeaturesModule is not so complicated as long... –  Tomek Wyderka Oct 21 '12 at 15:28

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