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How can I convert a System.Drawing.Font to a System.Windows.Media.Fonts or TypeFace?

Or how can I generate an instance of System.Windows.Media.Fonts or TypeFace from an instance of System.Drawing.Font?

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you cant instantiate Media.Fonts , but I think you can get a Media.FontFamily this is how I achieved it.

using System.Drawing;
using Media = System.Windows.Media;

 Font font = new Font(new System.Drawing.FontFamily("Comic Sans MS"), 10);
            //option 1
            Media.FontFamily mfont = new Media.FontFamily(font.Name);
            //option 2 does the same thing
            Media.FontFamilyConverter conv = new Media.FontFamilyConverter();
            Media.FontFamily mfont1 = conv.ConvertFromString(font.Name) as Media.FontFamily;
            //option 3
            Media.FontFamily mfont2 = Media.Fonts.SystemFontFamilies.Where(x => x.Source == font.Name).FirstOrDefault();
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What if the font is not installed on the system yet? Maybe we want to show a preview of the font before installation. –  SepehrM Aug 6 at 7:54
What if my font is from an embedded resource not installed on the system?? –  JacobD Sep 8 at 2:10

I'm using below codes

private static Typeface NewTypeFaceFromFont(System.Drawing.Font f)
    Typeface typeface = null;

    FontFamily ff = new FontFamily(f.Name);

    if (typeface == null)
        typeface = new Typeface(ff, (f.Style == System.Drawing.FontStyle.Italic ? FontStyles.Italic : FontStyles.Normal),
                         (f.Style == System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold ? FontWeights.Bold : FontWeights.Normal),
    if (typeface == null)
        typeface = new Typeface(new FontFamily("Arial"),
    return typeface;

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