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I'm trying to alert when a input box is greater than a second box, in example:

<td align="center"> <input type='text' name='cantidad{{=i+1}}' id='cantidad' value='{{=(x.cantidad)}}' size='3' readonly="readonly"  /></td>

<td align="center"> <input type='text' name='desp{{=i+1}}' id='desp' value='' size='3' required='required' placeholder='Numero' onBlur="return validar(event)"/></td>

I have x set of input boxes, among these, the last two input boxes that I need check that the second can't be greater than the first. Then I can't figure out how catch these values in table that can be x set of them

The {{}} code is Python Embedded.

Edited: There are 12 input boxes for each row
Edited: I need that input with id='desp' can't be greater that the input with the id='cantidad' on every row

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Are there only two of them per row? – Diodeus Oct 19 '12 at 15:44
Are the IDs cantidad# or just cantidad for all of them? – Chad Oct 19 '12 at 15:45
No, they are twelve for each row – cespinoza Oct 19 '12 at 15:47
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You can try by giving the ID's something like this:-

if(document.getElementById("first").value == document.getElementById("second").value){
//they are the same, do stuff for the same
}else if(document.getElementById("first").value >= document.getElementById("second").value
//first is more than second

or you can do something like this in the JSFiddle

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If you add a css class to the last textbox, say we call it "textbox-last", then you can use jQuery to bind a function to the blur event as follows:

$('#yourtable').on('blur', '.textbox-last', function() {

    var td = $(this).parent();
    var prevTextboxValue = td.prev().find('input').val();



That gets you the value from the previous textbox for any textbox that has the class on it. Then add whatever logic you want to implement after that.

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