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I have made an ipad app in which I want to implement a log in using active directory authenticaion. so far, i have not found anything on how to do this. I want to use the ipad's mac id to authenticate against the active directory. How can I implement this, or is there any other way I can implement a security log in to my app

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We have just created a free SDK to enable you to add Active Directory authentication to your mobile application. You can also register your backend web service and the mobile application can request a SAML token for your backend to provide single sign-on for the user once they login for the first time. The solution is free and works even if the user and device are on a public network.

Find out more at http://www.centrify.com/mas

We built this service since we had not seen any other way to do this aside from embedding a lot of ldap and kerberos inside the app which also would not work if the user was on a public network.


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