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What are the major differences between IE7 and IE8 that a web tester should know?

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We have had lots of CSS issues during testing, especially positioning items in an absolute position (eg images).

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Even the IE 8 (Compatibility mode) did not render the same as true ie7 – Russell Aug 19 '09 at 4:39

You can take a look at this discussion at SO. It takes a look from the developer's perspective.

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one major change is that IE8 doesn't center block level items with text-align: center the way that IE7 would. Now you must use display: block; margin: 0 auto;

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IE7 generates new stacking context, even if z-index:auto, for positioned boxes, doesn't support position:inherit, position:absolute = hasLayout in IE7/IE6, position:fixed does in IE7.

are you separating ie styles? if you are, and using conditionals, just check syntax, and exclude IE8 for starters, so - prolly will resolve itself.

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