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I've got a file, actually a .bat file but it could be any text file, with contents I want to update. I want to replace throughout the file the number after some text like this:

%varXX where XX is a number, one or two digits. The numbers go typically from 1 to 35.

Example: %var10 ---> add a known number to add to 10, like 2, result is %var12. I want to choose the number I start doing this at like 10 in this example and I want to choose the number to add to all of these occurrences, up to 35 occurrences. I will also need to, at times, subtract instead of add this number. I'm on a windows computer.

Update - found part solution using VIM:

:%s@%var\(\d\+\)@\='%var' . (submatch(1) + 3)@g

Here in this example, 3 is the amount I'm adding. However, this searches for any numbers following var and adds 3. How do I modify the above command to start at a number I choose?

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