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I have a UserService object that is essentially a Service with additional configuration parameters and is attached to a User. In my View I would like to render a list of these UserServices however the model is formed as such:

UserService = Backbone.Model.extend({
    defaults: { 
        id: 0, 
        user_id: 0, // This needs to reference the user object somehow 
        service_id: 0, // This needs to reference the service object somehow
        length: 216000, 
        price: 1000

If I bind this model to the view, what is rendered ends up being the service_id instead of the parameter I need to render: service.name.

My questions are:

What should be stored in the UserService model at service? The full service object? Mongoose ID? Some other ID? (Please specify a suggestion)

Where should I get the information for this service.name / When should I pull the Service object to get that information? It would be nice to be able to do service.name in the view when rendering...

Is there a function to chain--upon loading the model, load related models that are needed?

Overall I just need an understanding of how related models work in Backbone / Express / Mongoose.

Any help is appreciated!

Update: After doing a bit of reading I have a couple different methods I can see:

  1. Within the constructor / initializer load the Service object into the UserService object based on the reference ID returned from the server.

My questions with that one then become... what is the reference ID? Where do I put the newly retrieved object into, possibly in place of the ID?

  1. Use the toJSON method to return an asthetic version of the UserService where it retreives the Service object and would return an object with the service name in it's place:

    { id: ???, service_name: "this was retrieved from the service object in the toJSON method", length: "1 hour", // converted from within the toJSON method price: 10.00 // converted from cents to dollars in the toJSON method }

Or maybe a combination? Thoughts?

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Parse models handle loading related entities well, there is also library called Backbone Relational that can help with this.

Otherwise, my best recommendation is to store the object's ID and fetch the related entity upon success of fetching the first entity.

Anyone needing a code example just comment here and I'll see what I can come up with.

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