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Suppose the situation in which we must have list of WeakReference and "Strong Reference".But there are not StrongReference class in Java.My solution is

Keep list of objects

 List<? extends Object> list =new ArrayList();

and any time when we get element from list, check:

if(list.get(i) instanceof WeakReference){
     MyClass myObject =  ((MyClass)((WeakReference) list.get(i)).get());
     if(myObject != null){
     MyClass myObject =  ((MyClass)list.get(i));

Is there better solution to keep strong and weak references together in one collection?.

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I'd be tempted to abstract the concept of "strong or weak reference":

public interface DualRef<T> {
    T get();

Then implement two subclasses, one for weak references:

public class WeakDualRef<T> implements DualRef<T> {
    private final WeakReference<T> mRef;
    public WeakDualRef(T object) {
        mRef = new WeakReference<T>(object);
    public WeakDualRef(WeakReference<T> ref) {
        mRef = ref;
    T get() {
        return mRef.get();

and another for strong references:

public class StrongDualRef<T> implements DualRef<T> {
    private final T mRef;
    public StrongDualRef(T object) {
        mRef = object;
    public T get() {
        return mRef;

Then you can implement your code as:

List<DualRef<MyObject>> list = new ArrayList<DualRef<MyObject>>();

// add mixed instances of WeakDualRef<MyObject> or StringDualRef<MyObject> . . .

MyClass myObject = list.get(i).get();

All this has the advantage of preserving type safety through proper use of generics.

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Mixing types is not a good conception.

List< WeakReference > weakRefs  = new ArrayList<>();
List< MyClass >       myClasses = new ArrayList<>();

With two loops to do two different thing.

Why mixing two different kind of object, they don't share any behavior.

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Sorry, "any collection" is wrong, I had to write ordered collection :). –  Ashot Oct 19 '12 at 17:10

I would write it something like this

Object o = list.get(i);
if (o instanceof WeakReference) o = ((WeakReference) o).get();
if (o instanceof MyClass) ((MyClass) o).doSomething();
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