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I have to write a code to extract data from some raw gps messages. They are not NMEA, they are binary messages.

The number and type of messages are fixed and will not vary in the future, so maybe I don't need a design pattern, bit I would like to find an elegant solution.

Any suggestion/example? I have to code in C++, but anyway pseudocode is ok

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I would suggest you code some class hierarchy in which you have a base class of GpsMessage, including all the shared properties.
I assume that such a class will contain a field for a binary buffer,
and perhaps a type field.
You will have sub classes of this base class, providing methods, to set specific data per message, and to retrieve it.
You may consider having the attributes of each specific message inherit from a base attribute class.
In this case you will be able to define a Factory for creating messages, and to pass an array of MessageAtribute as creation parameters. For example (and forgive me for bad C++ syntax, I haven't coded in c++ for a while).

GpsAtrribute* pAttrbitues  = new GpsAttribute[5]; //the message is going to have 5 //attributes , fill these attributes
GpsMessage message = GpsMessageFactory::GetInstance().createMessage(GpsCommandType.COMMAND_TYPE_1,pAttributes);

However, bare in mind that such approach requires the user of the factory to know for each command the attribute number.
Since You mentioned that various types of messages is known,
you can add a method at the factory that creates an array of parameters per a GPS command type.
So the code will look like:

GpsAtrribute* pAttrbitues  = GpsMessageFactory::GetInstance().createAttributes(GpsCommandType::COMMAND_TYPE_1);//attributes , fill these attributes
    GpsMessage message = GpsMessageFactory::GetInstance().createMessage(GpsCommandType::COMMAND_TYPE_1,pAttributes);

I would also recommend to add some validation code on the command to check that the attributes are properly set.

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