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I would like Vim to treat underscores in a string as word-breaks, just like a spaces. For example, if I have:

sub foo_bar {

With the cursor starting at the far left of the first line, (on the 's' of 'sub'), hitting 'w' will place the cursor on the 'f' in 'foo', a second press of 'w' takes me to the curly, and a third hops down to the 'r' of 'return'. I want that second press of 'w' to take me to the 'b' in 'bar'.

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Install the camelcasemotion plugin and see the example near the bottom of the linked page, which shows how to map the w key to use CamelCase or underscored_words.

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:set iskeyword-=_

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That doesn't exactly work as the cursor lands in the _ first, and then on the 2nd 'w' press goes to b. –  Artem Russakovskii Aug 19 '09 at 5:48
After having looked around the vim docs and google, I actually don't think there's another way. Perhaps someone can prove me wrong. –  Artem Russakovskii Aug 19 '09 at 6:58

why you want to do that? if so you want to do it in order to delete and change chars between "_", underscore included or not, have a look at


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