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I have a text document with a bunch of text and I want to grab each line in "allVersions" and store them to an array.

text document

bible.versions = {
// prebuild version array
versionData: null,

// versions by key
versionsByKey: {},

getVersion: function(key) {
    return this.versionsByKey[key];

allVersions: [


loadingVersionIndex: -1,

loadingCallback: null,

loadNextVersion: function() {


$myarray = file_get_contents('file.js');

resulting array

$myarray = array('ar_etr', 'ar_vady', 'el_tisch', 'en_kjv', 'en_wbtc', 'fr_s21', 'he_wlc');
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I think you are looking for the File function in PHP.


This function reads an entire text file into an array, one line of text per array index.

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$myarray = explode('\n', file_get_contents("filename.txt"));

file_get_contents() returns a string containing the file, and explode(<delimiter>, <string>) splits the string into an array based on the delimeter.

But Matt's answer is better:

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If your file is supposed to be json then you can use json_decode():

$myarray = json_decode(file_get_contents('file.js'), TRUE);

The second argument of TRUE makes $myarray an array instead of an object.

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