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To put it simple: I have a web site (asp.net 4 on iis 7.5), let's call it mysite.com. I've developed my own blog, which is also an asp.net 4 web site solution (not web application). I want search engines AND visitors to see mysite.com/blog in the address bar for the sake of SEO.

You'll find lot of posts saying a subfolder solution is to prefer for a subdomain, but none of them tells how to implement it.

One solution I found involves reverse proxy and installing the blog in eg. blog/mysite.com. This in turn requires Application Request Routing which my host (unoeuro.com) doesn't offer.

Anybody who's been through the same exercise and have a solution?

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This question might be better answered on serverfault.com –  Mike McCaughan Oct 19 '12 at 18:32
Could I ask a mod to move it to serverfault.com. Thx in advance. –  William Oct 21 '12 at 10:21

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Okay. There was no easy solution, but I'm now finished with my blog engine. You can download it (with source code) for free. It's installable as a stand-alone blog, in a subdomain and/or subfolder without any additional setup.

It's in Visual Basic by the way.

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