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I'm trying to fiddle with Foursquare's HeapAudit, and am attempting to set it up using IntelliJ IDEA. I have managed to get it to build just fine, using the dependencies from the pom.xml.

However, when I actually try to run the JUnit tests, basically all of them fail. I'm guessing this is because using HeapAudit requires the JVM to be started with it as a -javaagent, according to the github:

$ java -javaagent:heapaudit.jar MyTest

Presumably the tests would pass if I put this line in, and referenced the heapaudit.jar i downloaded/built earlier. However, it seems to me that if I make changes the the source, I'm gonna need to re-package this silly .jar file in order to see if it works.

Is there any way of running the tests with a -javaagent without going through the whole rigmarole of compile -> package-into-jar every testing cycle? Perhaps getting IntelliJ to attached the newly-compiled .class files as a -javaagent before running the tests?

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You should configure an artifact to be built automatically or with a shortcut to produce/update the heapaudit.jar file from a module output. –  CrazyCoder Oct 19 '12 at 20:39

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