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I'm using Cassette to minify my JavaScript. I don't want Cassette to minify one of my JavaScript files because it's causing an error. I'd rather use the already minified version provided by the original library authors.

How can I add a JavaScript file to Cassette without it minifying the file?

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You can use the following code for Cassette 1.x to create a IAssetTransformer that doesn't perform any minification

public class NoMinification : IAssetTransformer
    public NoMinification() {}

    public Func<Stream> Transform(Func<Stream> openSourceStream, IAsset asset)
        return openSourceStream;

And then update your CassetteConfiguration to put the already minified file it's own bundle, because you have to set the minifier for all of the files in a single bundle. If this javascript file has a dependency on another file, which will minified by cassette and end up in it's own bundle, you can use .AddReference as I show in the commented out line.

public class CassetteConfiguration : ICassetteConfiguration
    public void Configure(BundleCollection bundles, CassetteSettings settings)
        //So, we set a no-op minifier for this bundle and force it into it's own bundle.
        bundles.Add<ScriptBundle>("Scripts/already-minified-file.min.js", b => {
            b.Processor = new ScriptPipeline { Minifier = new NoMinification() };
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Does this work for V2 as well? – geedubb Nov 21 '13 at 13:45

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