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I am developing an interactive map using Google API and Sketchup. I have created and placed the 3D object using the following code:

var loc = ge.createLocation('');

// set up the model's link (must be a COLLADA file).
// this model was created in SketchUp
var link = ge.createLink('');
link.setHref('' +

// create the model placemark and add it to Earth
var modelPlacemark = ge.createPlacemark('');

// zoom in on the model

// persist the placemark for other interactive samples
window.placemark = modelPlacemark;

From this samples website:

I am trying to add into the 3D model the options of a regular Placemark (so it changes size when mouse hovers & is clickable).

I'm relatively new to the Google API so I was wondering: how can I add these functions to the 3D object?

I know how to create a regular placemark (from the same website), but I don't get how to make the 3D model a placemark.

Thank you.

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var placemark is a global variable, this is creating a 3D model in place of a placemark. Try this code, its working for me. I've used Google Earth plugin here.

    function createPlacemark() {
        console.log("in create placemark");
        placemark = ge.createPlacemark('');
        placemark.setName('placemark ' + counter);

        var model = ge.createModel('');
        var loc = ge.createLocation('');
        var link = ge.createLink('');

        // A textured model created in Sketchup and exported as Collada.

        var la = ge.getView().copyAsLookAt(ge.ALTITUDE_RELATIVE_TO_GROUND);

        // set location




I've an another problem, do you know how to move a placemark according to the coordinates given dynamically from database

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the building (3d object) appears, but doesn't do anything... what I am trying to accomplish is that it's a clickable object and that something (like an HTML balloon) will appear on top of it when you click it. – Gal Appelbaum Feb 18 '13 at 3:37
Sorry for delayed reply but you can do that if u add a invisible placemarker above it, if you need the code, i can help you with that. – Sid Apr 2 '13 at 12:42
Hey, thanks for the delayed reply and I apologize for my delay as well... if you could help me with the code I'd appreciate it indeed. – Gal Appelbaum Apr 18 '13 at 18:45

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