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im trying to read Grails environment for war build from heroku application config, is that possible, in that case how to do it? is it set in an ENV variable ?

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No, this is not possible. Buildpacks run independently of the configuration. (To convince yourself of this, run heroku config:set and watch the output: there's no slug compiler.) This is consistent with the 12-Factor App's Build, Release, Run aspect, which strictly separates building (the slug compiler and buildpack), releasing (attaching a build to its configuration), and running (spinning up dynos for a given release).

The usual solution is to have your buildpack emit files that reads the environment and acts appropriately at runtime. For example, Rails reads database configuration from config/database.yml, while Heroku specifies this in ENV['DATABASE_URL']. Thus, the buildpack generates a file using this template which causes Rails to use the database specified in the config, allowing the configuration to change without re-building the entire application.

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