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Given this Makefile (stripped down to a minimal example):

include Makefile2

And a second Makefile2 with some general rules:

something: $(NAME).txt
    @echo  $(NAME).txt

Calling make something will depend on foo.txt but it will print bar.txt.

Is it possible to define a rule in Makefile2 that depends on $(NAME).txt with the actual value of NAME, so the example rule would use bar.txt as dependency also?

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This is a hack, but it works:


    @$(MAKE) -s other OTHERNAME=$(NAME)

other: $(OTHERNAME).txt
    @echo NAME is $(NAME).txt, and this rule depends on $<
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Well, this hack requires to pass all variables to the second call of $(MAKE) - very inconvenient if you have defined many variables. But thanks anyway! –  Jakob Oct 23 '12 at 6:32
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