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I have to use NetBeans for a Java Web project.

I have 3 projects, 1 is the main project, the others are just small components. I added the two small ones to the main one (add jar or something...), which worked fine. The main project is added to a SVN repo, but I want to commit all 3 projects at once when I commit the main project. I have seen a solution for this once in Eclipse, but cannot remember. Currently, when i commit, only the main project is commited to SVN. I could add the other 2 separately, but I don't want to commit all components, one by one. Does someone know how I can include the 2 projects to the main one in order to commit it as a whole to the svn repo?


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You can select several projects, right click on them and press Team > Commit..., the commit window will let you commit all the selected projects

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Unfortunately, i can only commit the main project in this menue.. – Nicky Oct 19 '12 at 19:50
Check this out, it looks like they "fix it" back in 2008, you have to layout your repo kind of different from the usual layout though – higuaro Oct 19 '12 at 19:58

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