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My WebView is working perfectly until I add in a port. At which point I don't see any sort of error and I see nothing in my HTTP traffic.

private Context vContext;
private String vPackageName;
private String vPlacementID;

static private double TRACK_VERSION = 1.0;
static private String TRACK_HOST = "";
static private String TRACK_HANDLER = "/event";

public void reportAppOpen(Context context, String placementID) {
    Log.d("FOO", "Tracking");
    if (context == null) {
    vContext = context;
    vPackageName = vContext.getPackageName();
    vPlacementID = placementID;

    WebView webview = new WebView(context);
    webview.setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient() {
        public void onReceivedError(WebView view, int errorCode, String description, String failingUrl) {
                Log.d("FOO", "error code:" + errorCode);
                super.onReceivedError(view, errorCode, description, failingUrl);

    List<NameValuePair> params = trackingParams();
    String paramString = URLEncodedUtils.format(params, "utf-8");
    String url = "http://" + TRACK_HOST + TRACK_HANDLER;
    webview.postUrl(url, EncodingUtils.getBytes(paramString, "base64"));

    Log.d("FOO", "Loading URL");        

I know there is some other weird stuff going on in my code but for now I'd like to just focus on getting postUrl to work.

EDIT: In the logcat I found this not sure if it is relevant.

10-19 13:44:21.560: D/SntpClient(59): request time failed: Address family not supported by protocol
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are you getting anything in the logcat? – Praful Bhatnagar Oct 19 '12 at 21:19
I found 10-19 13:44:21.560: D/SntpClient(59): request time failed: Address family not supported by protocol. Looking it up seems like it thinks the uri is invalid maybe? But the url is clearly valid unless there is some otherway to pass the port. – hadees Oct 19 '12 at 21:33
that is SntpClient error not related to your app.. – Praful Bhatnagar Oct 19 '12 at 21:35

Please try with WebChromeClient and override following methods:

public void onConsoleMessage(String message, int lineNumber, String sourceID) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    Log.v("ChromeClient", "invoked: onConsoleMessage() - " + sourceID + ":"
            + lineNumber + " - " + message);
    super.onConsoleMessage(message, lineNumber, sourceID);

public boolean onConsoleMessage(ConsoleMessage cm) {
    Log.v("ChromeClient", cm.message() + " -- From line "
            + cm.lineNumber() + " of "
            + cm.sourceId() );
    return true;

to debug the issue..

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looks like you're overloading onConsoleMessage twice. – hadees Oct 23 '12 at 17:52
onConsoleMessage(String message, int lineNumber, String sourceID) is now deprecated.. – Praful Bhatnagar Oct 23 '12 at 20:06

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