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It is posible to do: (condition 1 AND condition2) OR (condition3 AND condition4) in codigniter?

I try:

$this->db->where(condition1 - condition2);
$this->db->or_where(condition3 - condition4);

But this is: (condition1 AND condition2) OR (condition3 OR condition4)

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Honestly I did not realize there is no straight forward way to group queries in Codeigniter until I just looked it up. I've been using Datamapper ORM for CI for quite some time, check it out some day I think you will enjoy it (and grouping clauses is easy with it). – Wesley Murch Oct 19 '12 at 19:49

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Just write it out in your where

$this->db->where("(condition1 AND condition2) OR (condition3 AND condition4)");

this will still escape data and you don't have to fool with the or_where method.

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Have you try like this :::::?

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$first="(COND1 AND COND2)";
$second= "(COND3 AND COND4)";

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yes it is possible,for convenience take whatever conditions you want to used into one variable

$where ="(condition 1 AND condition2) OR (condition3 AND condition4)";
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Just use a normal query like so:

$query="SELECT *
FROM table1 INNER JOIN table2 on table1.col=table2.col
WHERE (table1.whatever=? AND table1.hello=?) OR ( AND

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If you are using PHP5 then the following code will fix your problem.

->where("condition_1 && condition_2")
->or_where("condition_3 && condition_4");

Or use the following code will also works.

$this->db->where("condition_1 ");
$this->db->or_where("condition_3 "); 
$this->db->where("condition_4 "); 
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