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I have an application with a license google LVL service, but it can be hacked using app Lucky Patcher, it could remove the license application with a new license by making public my base 64.


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Its pretty hard really, there are only several things that I can recommend

  • Firstly, you could put some 'fake' versions of you app on the internet which tell the user what they are doing is wrong and give them a link the the market version

  • Secondly, if you can, get rid of your paid version, and instead merge it with your free version, allowing the user to complete an in-app purchase to buy the full version. This prevents people from putting your paid version on the net.

  • You could look into code obsfucation (here - How can I obfuscate JavaScript? ), but that might not help against lucky patcher.

On the whole, I would not be that worried about people pirating your app for two reasons;

  • Unless your app is really popular you are unlikely to have anybody pirating your app.

  • At least 70% of the people who pirate your app would not have bought it anyways

So I would focus more on improving you app and making people want to buy it, rather than trying to prevent people from pirating it.

If you want more information here are a couple more places to look -

Way to protect from Lucky Patcher / play licensing [android]!topic/android-developers/s2Uq-tL8B0g

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dude lucky patcher is killing us these days. what a suggestion is this????!!!!!! – Masoud Dadashi Nov 26 '15 at 4:00

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