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I have made an Android card game where the user plays versus an AI. Now I want to make it online so a player could play versus another player. Is possible to host the game server (written in vb.net) in Windows Azure?

The server is using TCP connections and it will send a simple message to the client (e.g., "K Spades"), but I also want to have a DB with player names, scores, etc.

The game currently has ~20k players. What hardware/bandwidth will the servers need?
If is not possible to deploy the server on Azure, what should I use?

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Short answer is "it depends". 20K players generating how much traffic? How much storage does it take now based on just 2 players playing 1 game? How much processing power does it take for a single game? (mutliply that with the potential number of players and games). Check out the pricing calculator.

Also, check out auto scaling where you resources will dynamically scale up and down depending on the traffic it gets at runtime (meaning you don't have to reserve instances ahead of time).

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So, is possible to host my server on azure, right? –  DevN Oct 19 '12 at 20:33
Absolutely, yes. –  Girish Oct 19 '12 at 20:44

20k users should mean that you don't have more then ~ 2k users a day online.
Your game users should use far less traffic, then, for example, web site users.

For a web site, 2k users a day is a funny number, so I guess that you can run server even on your phone : )

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