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Response.Cookies["alertsCookie"] gives me a blank cookie.

I have made two cookies since I could not find out how to read a cookie in a path, so I decided to write them to both locations (the page path and /)


HttpCookie seenAlertsCookie = Response.Cookies["alertsCookie"];

JavaScript (jQuery):

var cookie = $.cookie("alertsCookie");
if (cookie == null) {
    $.cookie('alertsCookie', alertGuid, { expires: 7300, path: '/' });
    $.cookie('alertsCookie', alertGuid, 7300);

else {
    var cookieVal = cookie + '|';
    cookieVal = cookieVal + alertGuid;
    $.cookie('alertsCookie', cookieVal, { expires: 7300, path: '/' });
    $.cookie('alertsCookie', cookieVal, 7300);
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Look in Request instead of Response.

HttpCookie seenAlertsCookie = Request.Cookies["alertsCookie"];

Response.Cookies is for setting cookies on the browser, Request.Cookies is for reading cookies coming from the browser.

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wow. just wow. thank you so much. –  user1690294 Oct 19 '12 at 20:21

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