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I'm trying to use expect to talk to a bash script, but I'm missing something. My script is:

echo -n "foo? "
echo $REPLY

and my expect script is:

spawn ./script.sh
expect "foo? "
send "bar\r\n"

But I never see bar when I run the expect script. What am I missing here?

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You don't need to send the \n, just the \r -- you're simulating "hitting enter". –  glenn jackman Oct 20 '12 at 5:12

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Dumb me, I needed to add interact to my expect script so that it can finish "interacting" with the script:

spawn ./script.sh
expect "foo? "
send "bar\r\n"

I found the answer here two minutes after asking this question.

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I don't familiar well with expect syntax, but you worth try autoexpect:

autoexpect ./script.sh

It will run script.sh and after you'll finish running it an expect script script.exp will be created in current directory.

After than you can edit it if you need to tune something in it.

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