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I'm writing an app using phonegap. I can open the native android dialer using: onclick="document.location='tel:0123456789'" . But i wish to open it with predefined number which i enter as an input. I'm receiving the desirable number as an text input like this:

function AddToScreen(a){

But i can't get the dialer to open with my input number.

How can i get it to work? Thanks.

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Once you have the complete number you want to dial all you need to do is call:

document.location='tel:' + numberYouWantToDial;

Looks like you are most of the way there.

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Yes, but after a get the complete number i can't get the dialer to open with it. It opens only if i use predetermined number. How should i attach it? –  OlejkaKL Oct 19 '12 at 21:38

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