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I'm trying to create a paint application and I'm seeting a variable with the color and pass it along to the UIView but I have abutton in the viewController to change the color but I can find a way to pass the change of the color to UIview:

ViewController (this work just fine):

paint *canvas=[[paint alloc]initWithFrame:frame];
    [self.view addSubview:canvas];

and I have a button to change the color selection:

  • (IBAction)colorSelection:(id)sender

but because the instance of canvas.colorSelected is release after canvas.colorSelected is set how can I change the color selection form the IBAction because if I create another instance it won't point to the same pointer of colorSelected. My question is how can change the colorSelected from the ibaction from viewController?

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it is really hard to understand what you are trying to do

if you want to set a background color just do:

canvas.backgroundColor = colorSelected

if you want to change a color by setting an colorSelected value
you have to override a setter in your paint class
do something like this:

in Paint.m

- (void) setColorSelected:(UIColor*) color {
    _colorSelected = color;
    self.backgroundColor = color;

now when you do canvas.colorSelected=[UIColor redColor]; your canvas will set colorSelected variable and change a background color as well

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You need to make an instance variable in your view controller to hold the reference to your paint object. Instead of using a local variable, like in your posted code, you assign the paint object to the instance variable. Then in your button handler, you can call the colorSelected property on the instance variable to update the color of the view.

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Can you give an example? – Juan Oct 19 '12 at 23:53
An example of what? Adding an instance variable? If you don't know how to add an instance variable to your class then may I suggest you study up on the Objective-C programming language a bit more. Learning the basics of the language will really help in your coding efforts. The short answer is to add the instance variable to the @interface section in the .h file. Then the variable can be used in any method in the class. – rmaddy Oct 19 '12 at 23:56

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