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I want to find the IP address to a server on a local network in short time. I know the port that the application is using on the server.

I've tried this, but its too slow. Even when I know the IP, the responstime is too long (like 4 seconds or so for each IP). Considered this method, it would take minutes to scan the whole subnet from to

        String ip = "";

        try {
            InetAddress ping = InetAddress.getByName(ip);
            Socket s = new Socket(ping, 32400);
            System.out.println("Server found on IP: " + ping.getCanonicalHostName());
        } catch (IOException e) {

I could use threads, but that would still be slow. Ive seen application finding the IP in milliseconds out there. How do they do this? Java code would be appreciated!

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I can suggest to look for source code of angry ip scanner. It is fast enough I think.


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You'll want to do two things - use threads to check many hosts simultaneously, and give the socket connection a lower timeout.

This answer show a very similar example.

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