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I wanna know how to query a RDF file using Sparql on windows. I'm using python 2.7 and on linux os.system(roqet... ) is there something similar to roqet (rasqal) on windows, like curl for example?, can I make this query with rdflib or something like that? it is very important that this rdf is not online, I wanna perform this query locally through the file.


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Take a look at either the ARQ tools provided by Apache Jena which will run on Windows provided Java is installed

Or take a look at the rdfQuery tool provided by dotNetRDF which will run on Windows provided .Net 4.0 Full is installed

Disclaimer - I'm a developer on both of the above projects

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In fact I recommend jena arq, I just made it work... I was thinking about dotNetRDF but when I install .net Framework 4.0 windows still complains me not having it installed even though I actually have it, I don't know what's wrong – Yerko Antonio Oct 20 '12 at 0:35
You need .Net Framework 4.0 Full rather than the standard Client Profile install for dotNetRDF (at least for the Toolkit) – RobV Oct 20 '12 at 5:08

If your file is reasonably small (less than a few 100,000 triples), I would highly recommend RDFlib, as you suggested. It can be used anywhere you've installed Python and allows full use of SPARQL (both select and update/delete statements), and also gives many other handy features that can be utilized on a local file completely in-memory.

The nice part about using RDFlib is that to get it up and running requires only adding the Python library, so it is very simple to install.

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