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According to the Youtube Analytics API documentation (https://developers.google.com/youtube/analytics/v1/available_reports), it looks like you should be able to retrieve metrics for specific videos using the "video" dimension. I am able to get all other metrics successfully - either specifying dimensions like "day" and "country" or supplying no dimension at all.

But when I change the dimensions value to "video", I get a 400 error code with the message "The query is not supported. Check the documentation for supported queries." This is a channel report - not a content owner report - but according to the documentation, this should be a valid report request. I've even tried limiting the result set with a number of extra parameters like start-index, max-results, and sort.


client.execute(:api_method => "youtubeAnalytics.reports.query", 
               :parameters => {'ids' => "channel==##USER_ID##",
                               "start-date" => "2012-01-01", "end-date" => "2012-02-01",  
                               "metrics" => "views"})

client.execute(:api_method => "youtubeAnalytics.reports.query",
               :parameters => {'ids' => "channel==##USER_ID##", 
                               "start-date" => "2012-01-01", "end-date" => "2012-02-01", 
                               "metrics" => "views", 
                               "dimensions" => "day"})

DOES NOT WORK - returns 400 error

client.execute(:api_method => "youtubeAnalytics.reports.query", 
               :parameters => {'ids' => "channel==##USER_ID##", 
                               "start-date" => "2012-01-01", "end-date" => "2012-02-01", 
                               "metrics" => "views", 
                               "dimensions" => "video"})

client.execute(:api_method => "youtubeAnalytics.reports.query", 
               :parameters => {'ids' => "channel==##USER_ID##",
                               "start-date" => "2012-01-01", "end-date" => "2012-02-01", 
                               "metrics" => "views", 
                               "dimensions" => "video", 
                               "start-index" => 1, 
                               "max-results" => 5, 
                               "sort" => "views"})

Has anyone been able to make a successful request for a channel report for video level details?

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So the following does work:


The important thing is that you need to sort by descending views if you want to run a dimensions=video report, and you can only retrieve at most 10 results. This is explained in the second table at


The 10 max results, ordered by decreasing views, is obviously an artificial limit imposed by the backend source for Analytics data, but that's all the API can comfortably support at this time. We may see that change in the future.

If you're in a scenario where you want to get Analytics data for arbitrary videos in a given account, not just the 10 with the most views, you need to set the dimension to something other than video, and then run a report with a filter= set to each video id in your account that you're interested in. Again, this might change in the future, but as of right now the Analytics API isn't suited for getting a huge dump of data for every single video in an account in a single API call.

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I completely missed the hyphen in front of the "views" sort parameter. I changed sort from "views" to "-views" and it worked as expected - thanks! –  Bart Oct 20 '12 at 13:40
Yep, to be clear, the - means to sort by views in descending order. Without the - it would mean to sort by views in ascending order, which isn't valid for dimensions=video. –  Jeff Posnick Oct 20 '12 at 15:31

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