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I am writing classic asp.net website and struggling with a problem.

Usually in URL send data by doing this: localhost/MyrandomPage.aspx?UserName=RandomUsername

But i am trying to make a page more personal so i want Url to look like this:


And i am cant find a way how to retrive RandomUserName after slash in Url.

ive done Routing:

    public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)

But how do i retrive UserName??

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You should be able to get it using Page.RouteData.Values["UserName"] as string

Scott Gu has a good blog post covering routing in webforms.

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Assuming your routing scheme is correct and everything works, you can get the route values (in this case the 'action') from the request context:

string userName = (string) requestContext.RouteData.Values["UserName"]; 
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