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What is the appropriate way to deploy a Java AppEngine app via the command line without requiring a google username / password or any user input?

I'm able to do this with Python / Go apps using the --oauth2 command, retrieving the refresh_token from the .appcfg_oatuh2_tokens json file, and then running the following command:

appcfg.py --oauth2_refresh_token=$MY_TOKEN update hello-world-app/

But I haven't been able to figure out an equivalent for Java. I'd like to add Java Appengine deploys to our CI product, drone.io, to compliment our existing Heroku and Dotcloud deployment options. Any advice?

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appcfg.sh supports the --oauth2 flag since version 1.7.2.

So you would just need to do:

appcfg.sh --oauth2 update <path-to-your-app>

The tool will generate the token the first time and persist it. There's no --oauth2_refresh_token option, but you could achieve the same by copying the generated oauth credentials, which are in the user directory and called .appcfg_oauth2_tokens_java.

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yes you are right, I can just have a user enter the access and refresh tokens, and I can auto-generate the .appcfg_oauth2_tokens_java file. That should do it! – Brad Rydzewski Oct 19 '12 at 23:05

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